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Cat Sitter Job in Gwynedd

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Pay: £ Negotiable
Applications Close: 25th December 2018 

Job Specifics

Posted On: 23rd September 2017
Location: trefor Anglesey, Gwynedd
Job Starts: January 2018
Duration: 20 days
Employer: Kristine

About the Cat(s)

Cat(s) Name: kaleb & Lily
Breed: devon rex
Temper: big softy\'s
House Cat: Yes


Cat Sitter

- Holiday sitting required at Sitters house
- Holiday sitting required at Owners house

Cat Feeding
Replenish Litter Tray
Administration of Medicine


I have two devon rex cats Lily is in remission from Lymphoma and has to be given a steroid every other day and two chemo tablets once a fortnight . She cant have a cat flu injection because of her cancer. You would not know she is ill. I have not booked any holidays as I need a cat sitter to speak with before I book. both my cats are softies.

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"I regularly cat sit a lovely ginger tom cat called Jaja who I have found through Cat Sitting Now, he is a real pleasure to look after. Great owner too which makes my job a total success."

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