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Whether Cat Sitting is a full time operation, part-time business, or a hobby you want to expand, it is only successful when you have clients. And this is why Cat Walking Now exists - to provide that much needed link between cat owners looking for that person they can trust and the Cat Sitter looking for clients.

We are here to make it easy for Cat Owners to find, get to know, contact, and employ Sitters.

Cat Sitters:

The internet is now the main way people search to find sitters; there are over 800,000 web pages in the UK for Cat Sitters, making it very difficult, time-consuming, and extremely expensive for you to be found on the web.

That is why we're here - we do all this online marketing for you! From our paid ads on Google/ MSN/ Facebook to our Search Engine experts constantly promoting our site higher in Google's rankings you can rest assured that we do all your promoting so you can concentrate on what you love - looking after Cats.

We are marketing Cat Sitting Now using the same methods as our sister site 'Cat Sitting Now' which gets over 275,000 views per month, and already we have started matching Cat Owners with their perfect Sitters! You can check out our latest triumphs on the 'Success Stories' page.

When you join as a Cat Sitter you get your own profile page to sell yourself, be found in our Directory, and in Google and other Search Engines. You can upload photo's, details about yourself/ business/ experience, references, and even a video if you wish. You then can get work in one of two ways; either you will be contacted directly by owners who've searched the site and are interested in you (most Cat Sitters are contacted this way), or you can apply to the vacancies posted on our job board.

Cat Owners:

Searching for that special someone that you can trust to look after your cat can be a time consuming, difficult, and sometimes daunting experience! That's why we provide in-depth profiles of our members with their history, experience, references and even photo's - so you can get to know them before even contacting them.

And to make life easy you can find that perfect sitter in one of two ways; join for free, search our database of members and contact those that you're interested in directly, OR from our home page click 'Post a Job Ad' and directly post your advert onto our site (again for free) - and let them come to you!

At Cat Sitting Now we love cats and know how important yours is to you. That's why our philosophy is make it easy for owners to find the perfect sitter for their cats, and for Sitters to find work easily - so you can concentrate on what you love - being with cats!

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Our Members Say...

Success Story

"A great big thanks to Cat sitting now from me, Becky at 'Cat Sitter Pro' as I have been fortunate enough to look after 3 different clients cats, Teddy, Henry and Sharble since joining the..."

- Cat Sitter Pro -

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