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Cat Sitter Job in North Lanarkshire

No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Tbc
Posted On: 23rd September 2016 Applications Close: 10th October 2016 

Details: Hi I'm looking for some to pop in to feed my elderly but sometimes still adventurous cat twice a...
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Cat Sitter Job in Kent

No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Negotiable
Posted On: 23rd September 2016 Applications Close: 13th October 2016 

Details: I am looking for a reliable, trustworthy animal lover to take care of my 13 year old cat Bella. I...
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Cat Sitter Job in London (South East)

No. of Applicants: 2
Pay: £ Negotiable
Posted On: 14th September 2016 Applications Close: 1st November 2016 

Details: I need a caring sitter to come in twice a day to feed my 10 cats and 2 rabbits. All of my cats have...
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Cat Sitter Job in Midlothian

No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Tbc
Posted On: 2nd September 2016 Applications Close: 8th October 2016 

Details: visit my cat Solveig...feed her....dispose of litter waste in up litter. Tray has a...
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Cat Sitter Job in London (South East)

No. of Applicants: 1
Pay: £ Tbc
Posted On: 17th August 2016 Applications Close: 6th October 2016 

Details: I have a cat who grew up with someone else, living mostly outside due to the owner's allergies, ...
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Cat Sitting Services

Cat Sitting services are much in demand today, when most people do not have enough time to look after their pets 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We, at Cat Sitting Now understand this and endeavour to make it easy for the owners. An online directory of cat sitters across the UK, we assist owners to get the perfect sitter for their pets. We also provide the latest job openings for sitters and help them promote their businesses.

From cat sitters in London and Manchester to a cat sitter in Kent, we represent one and all. For people into cat sitting businesses, the prospects cannot get any better.

Cat sitters in the UK can register themselves with us and apply to all the cat sitting work posted directly on this site. They can also showcase their skills before the people wanting the best cat sitting services.

Cat owners can search through the profiles of the cat sitters and select them depending upon the geographic locales in which they function, their previous experience with different breeds, and the costs of the services.

Our services have been motivated from love and respect for all cats and their owners. We cater to two different groups of clientèle – the cat owners and the cat sitters – in the best way we can. We take care that the environments are completely safe and loving for the pets. We also make it easy for first time sitters to position themselves in the market and get cat sitter work according to their capabilities.

With us, you can get the exact cat sitting services that you are looking for. You can get to find cat sitters having extensive knowledge of cat behaviour and many years of hands on experience in caring for different breeds of cats. You can also find tailored cat feeding services being provided by people having relevant experience in training pets.

And if you are someone looking for cat sitting jobs, you can become a member to our site and position yourself strategically before cat owners looking for the perfect cat sitting services. We do not take any commission and you keep all that you are earning!

At Cat Sitting Now we understand the bonds that exist between cats and their owners and try and make these stronger.  The cat owners can make the most of our services to ensure that their pets are well looked after. With us, the owners are sure to find the best cat sitting services at reasonable costs. Also, the people who love spending time with cats but do not own any, can know how to become a cat sitter.

Your Membership

For Cat Owners looking for Cat Sitters your free membership means you are able to Post a job Ad on the site, or to search our Directory and contact sitters directly. We have designed the site to make it as easy and simple for you to find your perfect sitter. If you wish to add a job you can choose how you'd like to receive applications - individual emails, a daily summary of applicants, or no contact (you login to receive the details ensuring you don't get inundated with emails!) You can also accept, shortlist, and reject applicants with just the click of a button, making it easy for you to manage your applicants plus our members receive an email explaining the status of their application - meaning they're updated without you having to write individual emails!

For our Cat Sitters your free membership includes creating your own profile page with your details, experience, interests, skills, qualification and a profile picture. You also receive your own unique url address which can be used for your own promotion elsewhere. Once you've created your profile it will appear in our directory where Cat Owners can search either by specific traits, location or profile name and you can be found! All free members can also receive emails of the latest jobs posted on the site meaning you don't have to remember to login to check what's new! If you decide to upgrade to our subscription membership you get all these great benefits plus lots more; add more to your profile including up to 39 more photos, up to 20 videos and up to 20 audio files. You also gain access to your own message centre where you can receive, and reply to, messages from cat owners, and receive updates to applications. Other features include being able to apply to jobs, viewing your application history and status of applications, receive your own email address, and becoming an affiliate of Cat Sitting Now where you can earn money for each person who subscribes from your recommendations.

Note: Whilst no licence is required to become a Cat Sitter, an animal boarding licence may be required if you intend boarding cats in your own home overnight. Your local council can advise if required.

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